Features & Benefits


Superior Structural Properties

Intelitec panels are structural and very strong, one panel can support up to 18,000 kgs of load. Our panels may be used for all exterior and interior walls as well as the roof structure. We may build up to three stories without additional cement or steel reinforcement even in high wind and seismic zones. With the addition of limited steel reinforcement, Intelitec structures can rise to five or more floors.


Speed & Ease of Construction

A key advantage of Intelitec structures is building speed. A team of 4 persons can erect up to 200 square meters of homes or apartment buildings per week. This is up to one-tenth the time required for brick and mortar construction.
Intelitec panels weigh 60 to 100 kilograms and can be handled manually without the aid of heavy equipment. Less skilled labor is required in installation compared to brick and mortar construction. Panels are pre-cut at the factory and delivered ready for installation. The joining of the panels is simple, requiring only handheld power tools such as drills and screwdrivers.


Cost Effective

The Intelitec Building System is competitive with traditional construction methods. Our proprietary Intelitec Cement Board is a smooth, finish-ready wall surface that may be directly painted, our walls do not require additional plastering or protective cladding, which reduces labor and material costs.


High Thermal Insulation

Intelitec homes and buildings are more energy efficient and comfortable than those constructed with traditional methods. They are highly insulated, keeping interiors warm in cold climates and cool in hotter ones. On average, Intelitec homes have up to five times the insulation value of brick and mortar construction.


Fire Resistant

Our proprietary Intelitec Cement Board is formulated to be an extremely effective fire barrier. The facing does not conduct heat easily, nor does it contain ignitable material.


Termite and Mold Resistant

Our proprietary Intelitec Cement Board does not contain materials with food values for insects or mold. This makes our panels ideal for wet and dry climates including tropical areas that pose notorious problems for alternative building materials.

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